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BV pH Rapid Test Cassette (Vaginal Secretion)

BV pH Rapid Test Cassette (Vaginal Secretion) is the modern concept of protection for women
A disturbance in the micro ecological balance in the vagina (e.g. dysbiosis) is often connected with an increase in the pH level. Vaginal pH levels that are higher than 4.5 can lead to many gynecological complaints and compilations.
Stay healthy through pregnancy with BV pH Rapid Test Cassette(Vaginal Secretion) 
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is diagnosed in approx. 15-20% of all pregnant women.
It increases the risk of these:
  • Premature birth
  • Chorioamnionitis (amnionitis)
  • A premature rupturing of the fetal membrane
  • Fever when giving birth
  • Post partum endometritis (an infection of the mucus membrane in the uterus after giving birth)
  • A bacterial infection of the fetus
With the help of regular testing of the vaginal pH level, pregnant women can decrease the risk of infection. The measurement of the vaginal pH level is a fixed component of the program for avoiding premature birth according to Prof. E. Saling.
Catalog No.pH-6012FormatDevice
SpecimenVaginal SecretionCertificateCE
Reading Time3-5 minutesTest/Kit40
Storage Temperature4-30°CShelf Life2 Years
Accuracy>99.9%PrincipleChromatographic Immunoassay

1. High Accuracy And Sensitivity

2. Clear Results

3. Easy To Read

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