How will SAFECARE benefit you?

Career Development

Helping employees succeed is one of Safecare Biotech management's main goals, thus Safecare Biotech endeavors to keep our employees career-minded rather than merely job-focused.

Safecare Biotech offers comprehensive training programs, both in-class and online, for all employees including management, service engineers, salespeople in line with their own demands.

Employee Training

Job Rotation

Safecare Biotech offers ideal opportunities for job rotation within your department or different divisions. If you’re qualified, we’ll always be willing to provide you with career development opportunities.

Safecare Biotech offers locally competitive salaries and bonuses, and the amounts are related to your performance and the company's annual sales revenue.

Compensation & Benefits

Safecare offers a system of professional employee training and customer training.Everyone joins in Safecare has the chance to be educated on the corporate culture,mission and vision,products information and also the job training. All the members in Safecare joint together and consist of a strong and talented team,thus,we always embrace all the challenges and difficulties because they enable us to grow fast.


As a professional manufacturer, we focus on high quality products,high production efficiency and large production capacity. We commit to supply cost-effective products with high quality to our clients. Thus, in order to make sure all the products are output strictly conform to our quality management system,Safecare also provides production training to workers including the production information,operations skills on the machines,products assembling, Bio-Safety Protection and the whole quality management system every month especially the new staffs.


Besides the enterprise internal training,Safecare also provide training to our clients including the marketing analyze,sales skills,production process,products usage and precautions.Through these trainings, our customers know more about our company and our products which help them develop more markets and also they have a good relationship with us.