SAFECARE BIOTECH was founded in 2012 by Alex and a team of dedicated and talented research scientists. Today, SAFECARE BIOTECH has established itself as a leading professional manufacturer and supplier in the progression of in vitro diagnostic immunology lateral flow tests and biochemical tests that have revolutionized the market for disease diagnosis and analysis detection.

Alex has 15years experience in working in the Medical device industry especially in the in vitro diagnostic test and biochemical reagents and he used to worked in the R&D department, production department and Sales&marketing department,which enables him to be professional in production technology and development, business development&management, marketing strategy,training and excellent oversea business relationship. He is dedicated to contribute great efforts to the world health. We hope everyone in the world lives a better and happy life far away from diseases and drugs. That’s where our company name SAFECARE comes.


We pride ourselves to provide comprehensive products line with stable and accurate results.Our diverse product line allows us to reach many market segments in both the medical and animal healthcare industries without losing focus on our main objective, customer satisfaction. All the staffs are united and dedicated to contributes to Safecare and are willing to grow up together with Safecare.



At Safecare, we see our clients as partners as we work together with them to make our rapid diagnostic tests available across the global.

We have 10 sales representatives in our sales team with very professional talents. Ella who has been in IVD rapid test business fields for almost 10 years,with Comprehensive experience in business development, is responsible for strategic planning and team leadership. We are dedicated to provide high quality health care rapid tests to our customers with first-hand price and service. Our brand SAFECARE means SAFTY and CARE which are our products features and properties. We hope we can make great contributions to the world healthcare. At present, our medical devices are aiding individuals in over 100 different countries and our reach is steadily growing. This is only achievable by the help of our partners from around the world, and for that, we are greatly appreciative of every single one of them.


We have 5 production lines with advanced lateral flow technology and manufacturing equipment to ensure the mass production scale with high quality and efficiency. Our products are manufactured under FDA,GMP and ISO13485:2016. The production team is leaded by Grace Xu who has 12 years experienced in Pharmaceutical and Biochemical medical devices companies. She is very familiar with the production process of the product and knows how to manage and make sure the whole production quality under the medical device quality system management. The Philosophy and Purpose of our production management is to ensure high quality products with high efficiency, low cost, on time delivery.

Thus, we strive to produce test kits that are affordable and easy-to-use to increase the global accessibility of these products.

Production Team

Our quality management team is composed of QA team and QC team with total 5 staffs and the leader of team,Selina Zhang used to be a Workshop Director for 3 years in Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and then she was in charge of quality management in ACON Laboratory for 12 years which is a benchmark Enterprise in the IVD Industry. In addition, she has more than 5 Years working experience in world 500 company,so she is very familiar with the medical device industry laws and regulations, GMP, production quality management norms requirements, ISO13485 standard requirements,China's domestic product registration, CE registration, FDA registration process and requirements. Our Quality Management philosophy is: Strict management of all processes related to product quality in accordance with the requirements of the standards, laws and regulations.

Quality Management Team

Our after-sales service team places a very great role in customer satisfaction and customer retention. More than 20hours online service to get response to customer’s requests. Fast reply on the email and instant messages like whatsapp, skype, wechat and and other social networks. Our team is well trained to help customers with order arrangement, fast delivery and other technical questions on the products. We specialize in export and ship to more than 100 countries with complete source service. Save your time and money.

After-sales service team

Our R&D Team has more than 15years experience in the IVD fields. Most of them used to work in Abon(Alere in Hangzhou) or Acon or other related industry. They often helps to make new products and new designs to meet customers different requirements according to the feedback from the marketing team.


Our Team