Safecare Quality Inspection Department is composed of a strong skilled and well trained team.


Since 2012, it has developed an efficient and complete quality system service with scientific, normative and rigorous working style. All the investigations on the products are strictly conform to the ISO13485 medical equipment Quality Management system and China Pharmaceutical industry standards.


In order to have stable high quality tests, we have Quality controls on incoming materials inspection, processing inspection, finished product inspection and other inspections like stability testing,performance testing,accuracy testing and etc.


Incoming materials inspection mainly includes raw materials inspection and packaging accessories Inspection which has a complete quality control SOP of the appearance, size, performance and etc.. Raw material can only be accepted and put into our stock till it passed the inspection by our lab. The unqualified materials can not be used and must be managed according to Non-conforming products processing regulations.


Processing Inspection has semi-finished products inspection and pre-finished inspection.


After that, we have the finished product inspection to check whether everything is strictly manufactured according to our customer’s requests. With the final approved finished products analysis certificate,the products can be put into our warehouse to be shipped. All the original analysis records will be saved by archive.


Incoming materials Quality controls 
1.raw materials quality control
2.packaging accessories quality control

Production Processing Quality controls

Semi-finished and pre finished products Quality control

Finished products Quality control


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Quality Control