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Who Emergency Application Certification for Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine

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The World Health Organization announced on July 7 that the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological products of China Pharmaceutical Group has officially passed the WHO emergency use certification.


Pictured here is a video screenshot of the World Health Organization Director-General Tanderthalser attending a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, May 7.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said at a news conference that WHO issued an emergency use certification for the Chinese medicine COVID-19 vaccine that afternoon, making it the sixth COVID-19 vaccine to obtain WHO safety, effectiveness and quality certification. this expands the list of vaccine banks for the COVID-19 pneumonia vaccine implementation plan (COVAX) portfolio led by who and helps countries speed up regulatory approval of COVID-19 vaccines.

WHO Assistant Director-General for access to drugs and health products Marian Gera Simang said in a statement that the inclusion of Chinese herbal COVID-19 vaccine in the WHO emergency use list "helps countries seeking to protect health workers and high-risk groups to accelerate access to COVID-19 vaccine ".

The easy storage of Chinese medicine COVID-19 vaccine makes it very suitable for resource-poor environment. It is also the first vaccine to carry a vaccine bottle monitor, the small label on the vaccine bottle will change the color because the vaccine is heated, so that health workers can judge whether the vaccine is safe and available.

According to the WHO Advisory Expert Group on Immunization Strategies, WHO recommended the use of Chinese herbal COVID-19 vaccine for adults aged 18 years and over with two doses, at intervals of three to four weeks. In all age groups participating in the trial, the effective rate of the vaccine was assessed at 79% for symptomatic and inpatients. In addition, according to WHO assessment data, the vaccine may also have a protective effect on the elderly, so WHO does not limit the upper age limit for the use of Chinese herbal COVID-19 vaccine.

Prior to this, WHO has issued emergency use certification to five COVID-19 vaccines, namely, the COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and German biotech company, the two versions of AstraZeneca vaccine jointly developed by AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company and Oxford University, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Johnson Johnson Pharmaceutical Company of the United States and the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Modena Company of the United States.

This also indicates that Chinese vaccines will gradually enter the international market to help more countries.

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